Here's an easy headline for the next month: [INSERT ANIMAL FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION] were fed food contaminated with melamine, the chemical linked to the ongoing recall of pet foods, though the contamination level was probably too low to pose a danger to anyone who may have eaten the [INSERT ANIMAL FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION], federal health officials said.

This time the latest item is farmed fish. "It wasn't immediately clear if any of the farmed fish entered the food supply." Let's see: pet food, then pork, then chicken, now fish. What remains? Dairy cows, so our cheese and milk may be contaminated but probably "at levels too low to pose a danger to anyone." Beef. Turkey. I wonder about the possible cumulative effect of all these levels that are too low to pose any threat. At some point, depending on the spread of the contamination (which clearly doesn't seem to be known or under control), the levels cease to be low, don't they?

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