"Big Ideas for a Small Plant" is a new original documentary series from Sundance Channel "focused on environmental topics with interviews with forward-thinking designers and features on green products and alternative ideas that may transform our everyday lives." Tonight's thirty-minute episode (airing at 9 PM and again at 11:15 PM) is called Eat. It covers three green-related food topics: eating locally, fertilizing organic crops, and green fine dining. You can also download the episode via iTunes if you miss it tonight, or don't get the Sundance Channel.

I watched a screener of it and enjoyed it. I think it's especially good as an introduction to many of the issues I talk about on this site regularly, like sustainable and humane farming and food practices. Also, they profile this burger place in Lawrence, KS called Local Burger that uses all locally-sourced meats and their food looks amazing. Next time I'm in Kansas, I'm so going there!

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