Writer has lunch at Per Se, smuggles food out, and sends it to a lab for testing to ascertain the calorie count of each item. Not surprisingly, the meal is pretty hefty. "All told, the nine courses tallied 1,230.8 calories, 59.7 grams of fat, and 101.7 grams of carbs." But that's not outrageous, especially since you probably don't eat much for breakfast (if you're smart) before you head over there, and by the time you waddle out, it's late in the afternoon. So who's going to eat a whole lot for dinner? Interestingly, when they add in the extras (amuse bouche, bread and butter, mignardises, and wine), the total pretty much doubles. The biggest culprit? Three rolls with three tablespoons butter adds 720 calories to the meal. I don't know who has the gastronomic capacity to eat a nine course lunch and three rolls with butter. That's an easy one to leave out, and keep the calorie count under control. [via Eater]

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