Individual bread pudding
I'd completely forgotten that Broadway Panhandler (a cooking store here in New York) had moved closer to my neighborhood, so when I happened to walk by it yesterday, I stopped in. I was quite excited to see there'll be a Bread Pudding Recipe Exchange Week Taste Off! on Wednesday, May 2nd at 2 PM. "You be the judge of our selection of bread puddings, baked by our highly competitive (and dessert obsessed) staff." Recipes will be shared and there'll be a trial of the Zojirushi Rizo Rice Cooker, though I don't know what a rice cooker has to do with bread pudding, unless there's some mistake and it's a rice pudding contest. Regardless, sounds like fun for a New York City-based bread pudding fan. And guess who's a New York City-based bread pudding fan?!

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