Fish from Uncle Ernie's

I'm back from vacation and somehow managed to eat lots of yummy things but failed to take any pictures. I'm just not a photofoodblogger. But this picture shows one of my favorite meals on Anguilla: fresh local fish for lunch at Uncle Ernie's, a little beach restaurant right on Shoal Bay East. I ate this three times for lunch while we were there, always accompanied by a Ting, a Jamaican grapefruit soda made with real sugar. Mmm...

What I don't have any pictures of are the many Anguillan crayfish and lobster tails I ate, split in half and grilled, served with a side of butter. Nothing fancy, but simple and delicious. I ate fish nearly every meal, except one evening when I had ribs. I guess technically I had seafood enchiladas (at a great Mexican place, Picante) one night, so maybe that doesn't count as fish. Anyway, it was a great vacation but it's nice to be back and sleeping in my own bed. Though I miss having that fish for lunch!

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