First Lenny Kravitz gets fooled into thinking L'As du Falafel makes the best falafel in Paris, and now to my dismay I see that Mark Bittman of the New York Times not only thinks L'As is the best in Paris but says "this is the falafel destination in Paris, indeed in Europe." But Bittman and Kravitz are wrong! Right across the street from L'As du Falafel is mi-va-mi, which I believe makes a superior falafel, and easily the best one I've ever had. And trust me, I've had it many times because I lived in the neighborhood for a month back in 2002. Perhaps the problem is that both places offer such superior falafels to anything anywhere else that upon eating one, you conclude there simply cannot be a better falafel and you've found the best spot. Regardless, mi-va-mi is my place, and it has a take-out window and nice indoor seating. And every time I return to Paris, I head over there for a delicious sandwich and swear it's all I'll eat for the rest of my visit.

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