And so ends the Thanksgiving Spectacular of 2006. I didn't get in all the links I could have -- heck, I neglected nearly every major newspaper's coverage of the holiday! The New York Times will probably have more stuff tomorrow in their Dining & Wine section, to cap off three weeks of Thanksgiving coverage they're doing this year. And I didn't even discuss wine choices for your meal. But there's only so much one gal can do in a week. Next year I'll get started sooner (maybe) so that I can provide more coverage. I hope you found something useful in all of it.

I'll be off for the rest of the week, enjoying time with my family out in the country. I'll be making an apple pie and a pumpkin pie with my grandmother tomorrow. I'll be taking walks in the woods, and hopefully I'll make a nice wreath out of dried vines and berries. And I'll be eating turkey and stuffing and lots of tasty sides, and enjoying shrimp cocktail. That's our family's traditional appetizer on Thanksgiving, and boy am I look forward to it. I hope you have a wonderful day with your family and friends, and I'll see you back here next Monday. Safe travels to all.

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