From Bangkok to the Old South

Gonw with the WindSorry for the lack of updates: somehow I've become sick. At first I thought it was allergies, but my allergy medicine didn't seem to do anything. The sneezing and runny nose grew worse, exacerbated by temple incense, crazy aromatherapy oils at the Chatuchak market, and Bangkok exhaust fumes. By yesterday, I was exhausted and worn out. So after an early dinner, we borrowed a DVD from the front desk, and I crawled into bed to watch Gone with the Wind. It was the perfect sick-in-bed movie, and I managed to stay awake until Rhett abandoned Scarlett to go join the retreating Confederate Army and she headed to Tara with Prissy, Melly, and the new baby. Today, after twelve hours of sleep, I felt a little better, and we managed to see some more sights. But now I'm beat and all I want to do is watch the rest of Gone with the Wind. Tomorrow we're off for Vietnam. As for one big final night out in Bangkok? Frankly my dears...

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