Back and grouchy

Whenever I come back from vacation I'm grouchy. I don't like the transition from carefree-sleep-and-read-all-day to loud-dirty-city-meowing-cat-computer-work-wrist-pain. I'm sure I'm not alone in this complaint. Who doesn't get sad when they return from vacation? Anyway, it was lovely but too short. Pictures forthcoming.

While on vacation, I brought only one book (and thought I'd actually read the whole thing), The Count of Monte Cristo. Several readers observed this was not on my Top 10 list and were astounded to hear that I'd never read it. I am quickly rectifying the oversight. Will it make my Top 10? Not sure yet, but it's pretty exciting so far. I've still got more than 500 pages to go though, and now that I'm back home, my daily page consumption will surely decline. Unless I just sit on the sofa and read all day. Now there's an idea...

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