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"A stress fracture is a

"A stress fracture is a break in a bone caused by repetitive stress...There is often no recollection of injury. The patient may simply develop a pain after some activity...Without proper treatment, this may progress to a 'through and through' (overt) fracture of the bone."

In other words, it may just break. All that stress and the pain that's built up may cause the body to snap break bam like that. I think I have stress fractures all over my body. I think I have a stress fracture in my skull because there's been this pain on the side of my temple for months now, but I don't remember banging my head in any way. I think I have stress fractures in my ribs, because it hurts to breathe. I think I have stress fractures in my wrists, because they ache whether I use my keyboard and mouse for hours on end or I don't. I'm certain there must be a giant stress fracture in the lower part of my spine, because there's no other explanation for the shooting pain I feel when I lean over to pick up a sock on the floor. And worst of all, I think I have a stress fracture in my heart, because it just feels so sore and achy all the time.

megnut was honored with a

megnut was honored with a Bloggie at the First Annual Weblog Awards. Now for my speech:

I'd like to thank all the people who made this award possible: Nikolai and the esteemed voters, 3Com and their wonderful little product, that bastard who wrote the software that 3Com ships with their webcam that expires in one hour, and of course, most importantly, you--for tuning in to watch me pick my nose, cry, make horrible faces, and chew my food, day in and day out for the last year. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Looking out from the

Sun Valley, Idaho

Looking out from the top of Bald Mountain (9,150 ft.), Sun Valley, Idaho. December 31, 2000.

Many thanks to James Marino

Many thanks to James Marino of New York, NY, who sent me two items from my Amazon wishlist for my birthday: One Hundred Poems from the Japanese, by Kenneth Rexroth, and Catch 22, by Joseph Heller. Thank you James, thank you thank you thank you! And just because I received a gift doesn't mean you all shouldn't as well. Here's a little ditty from the Rexroth book:

The flowers whirl away
In the wind like snow.
The thing that falls away
Is myself.

- The Prime Minister Kintsune

So you may have heard

So you may have heard about our server fund, to raise money to buy new servers for Blogger? (We've raised over $7,500 since Tuesday afternoon. Hmmm...quick math reveals that we're averaging $105/!) Well, I just wanted to let you know that you can also buy mousepads and mugs to support Blogger, if you want. Like maybe you still owe people some Christmas presents or something? Blogger mugs make great belated Chanukah presents, they really do!

Coincedence or Creep-out? On the

Coincedence or Creep-out?
On the way home from Idaho, we stopped and gambled in Winnemucca, NV (and drank A&W rootbeer floats). Today we discover TiVo is recommending the following documentaries: Casino!, Casino Diaries, Casino Tech, and High Rollers. The TiVo knows all.

Angry megnut, angry at popup ads

Granted, I'm in a pissy mood as it is, but you know what's making it worse? GODDAMN FUCKING POPUP ADS! If you happen to have any influence regarding your company's website, and if it happens to have advertising on it, for Pete's sake, don't have banner ads that spawn pop-ups over and over and over. If you must do it, set a cookie once the user closes the window, and don't do it again. And don't launch more if the user just minimizes the first window.

I'm tempted not to even mention the name of the site that's infuriated me so with its obnoxious usage of pop-ups because I don't want to send any traffic there. But I do want you to be warned, so I'll whisper it in your ear, Epicurious. Bah, I'm never searching for recipes there again.

Happy Birthday Mom!

Happy Birthday Mom!

Best breakfast ever: super chocolatey

Best breakfast ever: super chocolatey cookies and coffee with vanilla soy milk. Yum yum yum!

I'm updating megnut right now

I'm updating megnut right now while the Danish TV guys are here filming the goings-on in the office. Christian, Jesper, and Andreas are here to do a segment on Blogger for their tv show Raketfart, on TV2 Zulu. If you live in Daneland (aka Denmark), you should check it out! It hasn't launched yet, but will soon. I'll post details when I know more.

Sylvia gave me some nice

Sylvia gave me some nice wine glasses for my birthday. They're very thin and delicate, with elegant slender stems and a simple, clean design. And I wonder as I sip from one, tasting its thinness through my lips and my tongue, what would happen if I were to bite? What if I were to bite down on this thin slender elegant curve of glass? Would it cut my tongue and my lips, blurring blood and wine? Would I swallow glass or get shards embedded in my gums? Or would it simply break into a million little diamonds, little elegant hand-blown diamonds which would stud my tongue, beguiling people as I talk?

TiVo had been saving Rescue

TiVo had been saving Rescue at Sea for me for nearly a month. I finally sat down and watched it tonight. Absolutely Fascinating. Synopsis: young men into wireless craze, learning new technology, communicating with friends, mocking grown-ups and society. An accident occurs at sea. A young man is the hero. There's fame, parades and interviews, autographs are craved and collected, a movie is made to tell his tale. Young man sues film production company for invasion of privacy. The year? 1909. The young man? Jack Binns, a Marconi wireless operator. The observations? History repeats itself. The more things change, the more they stay the same.

A backlash to a backlash?

A backlash to a backlash? I think that should be called a relash.

It's a scientific fact that

It's a scientific fact that if you stay in California you lose one point of your IQ every year.
- Truman Capote

Look at me! Or

Megnut icon

Look at me! Or rather, look at the cool lil' me that Jason made. Make one yourself, so we all know what you look like.

So rumor around town is

So rumor around town is that Kevins Smith's new movie, Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, is due out this summer. Let's all hope it's better than Dogma. I think it may be, it's got Trish "the Dish" from Mallrats in it, and Jason Lee as well. I [heart] Jason Lee. [Insert Homer drool noise].

I wonder how many salmon

I wonder how many salmon never make it? How many just give up at some point as they struggle against the flow, how many just decide, "Even though this has been the goal of my life, I just can't swim upstream anymore." ?

My dad called. He says

My dad called. He says that no salmon give up. Some don't make it, he says. Some die trying, he says. But no salmon ever give up. I knew that was the case. How very dad-like of him to tell me so.

This is sweet! Dave sent

This is sweet! Dave sent me a link to Kevin Smith's columns that he's writing about his upcoming film. It's candid and refreshing and just a cool damn way to know what's going on with Kevin (that's what I call him, just Kevin...) and his newest film. Too bad all the casting's done, I'd like to be in it. Of all the movies I've ever seen, a Kevin Smith oeuvre seems like just the "vehicle" for me.

And I have acting experience you know, I do! I was the Tin Man in my sixth grade production of The Wizard of Oz, and I dabbled in drama in high school, even playing the lead my junior year in a play whose name I can no longer recall. What I do recall is that the play had something to do with Scotland (I had to have a Scottish accent the whole time), the beach, and sex. I had to mimic having sex on the stage. I don't recall how I accomplished this exactly, having never had sex off the stage. Memories include a fake rock, a deep mortification, and an insistance that none of my friends nor family attend any of the performances.

Dinah, ever so smart and

Dinah, ever so smart and helpful, remembers the title of the play: When I Was a Girl I Used to Scream and Shout. I played Fiona. Now it's all coming back to me. I hadn't realized I'd buried those memories so deep, I wonder what else will bubble up with them?

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