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It's kind of fun to

It's kind of fun to get up early, to not be rushed to get stuff done and get out the door and get the day off to a start. It's kind of nice to sit and drink a cup of coffee, read on the web, and just think. Just reading and thinking and that's about it. I'm speaking on a panel today at WEB2000 on web applications at 10:30, so come on by if you're attending. Of course, if you're around, you're probably going to hear Clinton speak. The President is coming to Moscone South (exactly where the conference is!) to rally for Gore at 11am. I imagine it's going to be a zoo. I hope some people come to here us babble about the future of web apps, of course, if they don't, I imagine we can have quite an interesting conversation on our own.

Working in a small company

Working in a small company is great: you know everybody, you can hang out with everyone, be friends outside of work, buddies, etc. etc. Of course, when one person gets sick, the whole team goes down. I don't know who got it first, me or pb or Matt Haughey, but we've all certainly got it. Guh. I'm too tired to even watch tv. I'm getting back in bed right now.

Remember when things were crazy

Remember when things were crazy and people would invest in anything web-related? Well things are still crazy, but in the opposite direction it seems, and now no one will invest in anything. Irrational fear seems to have taken the place of irrational exhuberance and optomism. And the latest victim?

Certainly the market couldn't support three online pet stores, but can't it support one? Can't pet supplies be consolidated with some other online venture? Groceries, perhaps? It's hard to believe we're going back to the days of no online pet stores. It makes me a little sad, not because I like shopping for pet food on line or anything like that, but because it feels like a step backward. I'm getting used to my internet-enabled lifestyle (webvan, kozmo, etc.), and I don't want it to go away.

I'm only going to mention

I'm only going to mention this once, right now: there's an article in this week's New Yorker (November 13, 2000, the cartoon edition), p.102. I'm in it.

Back to work after two

Back to work after two days home sick and what do I find awaiting me? A "blog care package" from Steve! He sent all kinds of crazy sugar packets from all over the world, Canadian maple syrup (which I'm sure will be delicious and only slightly inferior to the stuff from Vermont), a box of Smarties (which are different from American Smarties, these look like M&Ms) and best of all: Phantom Power by the Tragically Hip! What a great way to start back into work, I feel 100% better already. Thanks so much Steve, you're the greatest!

I was rather surprised by

I was rather surprised by the poor design of the ballots as I voted yesterday. It took me a couple seconds to figure out what to do, and I actually had to read the instructions. I found the ballot overly-complicated, in part due to the number of languages that were squashed onto the same page. And to select a candidate, I had to draw a line connecting the head of an arrow with its tail, which was a manner of indicating a selection that I'd never seen before in any type of voting or test-taking. After seeing the controversial ballot in Palm Beach, I wonder: who designs these ballots? This is, perhaps, some of the most important information architecture work to be had. Do they perform user testing on the ballot designs before election day? I can't imagine that the Palm Beach design would have passed. It's hard to believe Gore could lose the election over some bad UI in Florida.

Perhaps the hardest aspect of

Perhaps the hardest aspect of working in the "new economy" is explaing things to those that don't:

woman: "So what are you selling again?"
me: "Software. On the web. Instead of installing software on your computer you come to our website."
woman: "I don't understand."
me: "Sometimes you open a program on your computer. For our software, you come to our website."
woman: "And then download the software?"
me: "No, you just use it from our website."
woman: "So what do people pay for then?"
me: "The software."
woman: "But they're not downloading anything?"
me: "No. You just use the software on our site."
woman: "Well I still don't understand. You'll have to explain this in a letter."

Something is rotten in the

Something is rotten in the state of Florida.

A brief encounter at a

A brief encounter at a recent Halloween party answered the burning question from sophomore year of high school: Why did Jeannie Carroll only go on one date with Rich Ross? Because Sophie Foote told Jeannie that Rich could fart on demand in French class. (Which, by the way, was not true.)

This is a fascinating map

This is a fascinating map of election results by county throughout the US. I have to say, I'm proud of Massachusetts, it's all blue, every county!

Sunday night and I should

Sunday night and I should be replying to the emails overflowing my inbox, or cleaning something (the bathroom?) in preparation for a busy week ahead, should be doing something but it just feels nice to sink into Sunday, warm and cozy inside the house, happy after dinner, and a little bit sleepy. Long brunch this morning with the A-list, the conversations, the laughter, the interaction away from the computer, all was so nice and so sunny. Another week ahead, Thanksgiving draws near, then the blur of everything leading to a birthday. But for now, I'll sit back and smile.

The Legend of Drunken Master is one of the best movies ever. So. Goddamn. Good.

Sometimes a joke gets forwarded

Sometimes a joke gets forwarded to me via email that I actually find amusing. This is such a rare occurrance (not the joke forwarding, but that it actually makes me laugh,) that I've got to post it here (click and laugh). I'd give credit if I knew where it was due.

I can't get enough of

I can't get enough of this election stuff, it's just fascinating to me. Especially the lies, I can't get over the blatant mistruths and inaccuracies appearing on all sides. This page attempts to clear the air a bit: 13 Myths About the Results of the 2000 Election. [via metafilter]

You know, I really thought

You know, I really thought things couldn't get weirder with this election, but I continue to be surprised and outraged. Now this? Bush Cousin Made Florida Vote Call For Fox News.

I know I usually don't post so many political links, but I just can't get over this. I think I was naive, and this whole situation is opening my eyes. I guess I believed that the days of white male privilege and wealth were on the wane. And this election continues to shock me: a brother on the election commission, a cousin breaking major news stories? Guh. The whole thing is really depressing.

Jason posted a bunch of good links (some of which I've already posted here) relating to all this stuff today.

It's coming...

It's coming...

I made a horrifying discover

I made a horrifying discover the other day: I will be reading the same book for the next five years. I've been reading War & Peace for over a month now, and I've only managed to plow through 25 pages. I'm surprised, since last spring I read Anna K and couldn't put it down. I finished it in less than two months. Anyway, at my current rate of 25 pages/month, that's 300 pages/year, and with W&P breaking the binding at ~1500, I've got a long road ahead of me. Five years! I've never even had a boyfriend for five years. I don't know if I could handle that level of commitment (book, not boy). Daunted, nay, overwhelmed, by this realization, I've started reading a different book altogether, Confederates in the Attic. I'm happy to report in less than two days, I've already read more than 70 pages. I should be done with it by the weekend.

Last year megnut participated in

Last year megnut participated in Day With(out) Weblogs (here's the page), and I'm proud to announce that megnut will participate in this important and worthy event again this year. If you've got a website, I encourage you to get involved as well. Here's how.

My Uncle Jay's gourmet pizzas

My Uncle Jay's gourmet pizzas are profiled in a Vermont magazine! As my mom writes, "Our family is just so 'in the news' these days." What's interesting about it is in reading this article, I learned more about my Uncle Jay than I ever knew before (he's my uncle by marriage, my mom's sister's husband). And I bet if he and my aunt Marcia read the article in the New Yorker, they learned a lot more about me than they knew before.

Seems odd that one would have to learn the details of one's family members from the media, but I guess that's what happens when you live across the country from each other. Those pizzas sounds delicious though, they've got my stomach rumbling right now. If only we didn't live across the country from each other, I'd head on over for one right now! Does he do ones with soy cheese I wonder?

what a wonderful day!

what a wonderful day!

The 2000 Beaujolais Nouveau is

The 2000 Beaujolais Nouveau is good, really good, damn good. It's yummy and making me feel silly right now. And that's what wine's all about, isn't it? Oh, and I'm super-excited for Thanksgiving, because first of all, it's my favorite holiday, bar none. I love all the yummy root vegetables and the cold air and the extra long weekend, and the memories of going up to Orange to my grandmother's house, walking in the woods, baking pies and chatting with her. Cooking with grandmothers is a really good way to learn stuff, and especially to hear the funny stories (like something about hiding in a closet to skip church and going to the movies instead).

This year is my first year doing Thanksgiving myself. For the first time, I'm on the spot, and can't rely on Grandma or Mom or someone else to make sure everything goes well. I've ordered a turkey, I've got a turkey platter and a gravy boat, and the family recipes. We will be eight total, my brother and six friends. It will be a cozy fit around the table, a warm, wonderful, cozy fit.

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