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There's quite a discussion going

There's quite a discussion going on over at Metafilter about my post below and Jakob's column. And so far, it's remained civil and pleasant and interesting. Yippee.

A very nice piece today

A very nice piece today on Radiohead, The Post-Rock Band.

Dave posts a response from

Dave posts a response from Jakob providing some explanation behind his "teaching kids how to author hypertext" comment. Apparently I misunderstood what he was saying, as I assumed hypertext to mean HTML, but Jakob says he was referring, "to a deeper understanding of the term than simply the current implementation." As examples, he mentions several systems with which I'm not familiar (Intermedia, NoteCards), and which he explains in his book, Multimedia and Hypertext: The Internet and Beyond. Would HyperCard fit into what he's talking about? I wish someone had taught me more about hypertext, I feel like I've missed the point completely.

It's funny how many women

It's funny how many women on this list, Fortune | Most Powerful Women, have the title Chairman. Shouldn't it be Chairperson? Or Chairwoman? Or what about simply, Chair? I thought we did away with gender-biased language back in the 90's. We certainly should have.

I seem to type "ww"

I seem to type "ww" into my browser a lot instead of "www" and you know what? I always get a "Page Cannot Be Displayed" error, which makes sense, sort of. Why doesn't Microsoft give you the option to "correct" that? It seems like the browser is always trying to help you out: can't find it, want to search? Want to enter an address without http://? No problem. But it chokes on a very simple, and I'd speculate, common typographical error. It would be nice if it said, "Do you mean www by chance? It appears you've only typed ww, and I don't believe that's going to work out for you." It's rare that there's something I want my browser to do that it doesn't already (aside of course from standards support, but that's another post entirely), but I find in my increasingly-rushed life, I seem to make this mistake more and more often. And it seems like it wouldn't be too hard to fix.

I take back all the

StarbucksI take back all the terrible things I ever said about Starbucks, whatever they were. Two days in a row, I've been totally surprised by the service I've received at the Starbucks on 4th Street. A little history (don't worry, it's brief): I stopped driving to work a few weeks ago and started taking the MUNI again, which means I walk down 4th Street to my office. Which means I started stopping in at Starbucks for a coffee to drink along the way. I'd say I've been in about three or four times a week, for the past three weeks. Ok, enough background...

On Monday there was some mix-up, and I waited about ten minutes for my drink. Somehow it didn't get made, they apologized when they realized, and made it immediately. Late, but not particularly upset, I went on my way. After all, these things happen. Yesterday I ordered my drink, and as I tried to pay, the woman who'd fixed the mix-up on Monday dashed from behind the espresso machine to the register before I could pay and said this drink was on them, for messing up the day before. Smiling, I left with my free latte. I smiled all the way to work, as that kind of thing really puts my in a good mood.

Today I arrive, and find the line is really long (the Oracle OpenWorld conference is nearby at Moscone). I get in it, waiting about four minutes until I get to the register. I say, "venti soy latte, please." And the woman at the register hands me a drink. I assume that they've got an extra or something, so I ask, "is this soy?" And she says, "Yes, we saw you in line so we made your drink for you." I was dumb-founded. I think I said something like, "really?!" I just couldn't believe it. I thanked them all and headed down the street with a double-big smile on my face.

That Starbucks, without a doubt, provides some of the best customer service I've ever received. is a content-related portal is a content-related portal filled with editorial, links to content-related news and articles, and a rather ugly design. But let's not judge a book by it's cover, let's instead keep our eye on this site and see if anything interesting comes out of it.

Tatochip told me about a

Tatochip told me about a cool browser trick that I never knew: simply type the name of the site, e.g. "megnut" and hold Ctrl as you hit enter. Presto! The browser (IE at least) fills in the rest. Try it today. Try it right now! What a day, I tell you, what else could possibly happen to make me happy?

Heather's decorated dildoes are magnificent,

Heather's decorated dildoes are magnificent, and hysterical. LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Hmm...that "well" below seems to

Hmm...that "well" below seems to have sneaked its way onto the blog during some testing today, guess I'll leave it just for fun. Since megnut's all about the fun fun fun!

"'Live-work is supposed to be

"'Live-work is supposed to be "live" and "work," Hestor said. It's not supposed to be all "live." It's not supposed to be all "work."'" Who are these people that occupy all the live-work units springing up all over the place, living and working? I have one friend that works from home, and that's only part time, and it's because he lives so far from the City. Giving the housing crunch, it seems like it would make sense to focus on building more "live" units. Then we can do away with these complaints that people aren't "working" in their lofts, and they'll be more apartments available for the newcomers.

Ok, I have to admit,

Ok, I have to admit, this The Pyra Shrine cracks me up. It's just so bizarre that anyone would want to make a shrine to us.

A ha! So that's why

A ha! So that's why they're all live/work lofts:

"A zoning loophole exempts developers of such combined-use buildings from having to contribute to a city-run fund that subsidizes schools and affordable housing," according to Carlos Romero, the executive director of the Mission Housing Development Corp. (from an article in the WSJ about Andrew Beebe and, subscription required)

Sneaky developer bastards!

I'm going to be quiet

I'm going to be quiet for the next little while, for a number of reasons. I've got a ton of work to do, I mean a *ton* but it's cool stuff, it's new stuff, it's good stuff. It'll be worth it, I promise. You might even see something here in a day or two. And I'm damn sick of this design, and it's effecting my ability to write, but since I'm so busy with work stuff, I don't have time to redesign, at least not right now. You might see this design come down in a day or two. So there's stuff going on, it's all good stuff, but it means I might be quiet for the next little while. And I wanted you to know.

Lately I just don't post

Lately I just don't post about every redesign that happens, I'm not sure why. Probably because it's just not that interesting to me. And when I saw jack's redesigned the other day, I didn't write a word. But now I feel I must, because with jack's new design, I feel jack's found a new voice, a stronger voice--a voice that's more intimate, funnier, more confident, and just plain a pleasure to read. There are some really good words on that page these days. And I encourage you to check them out.

If I posted anything today,

If I posted anything today, it would be a giant ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

autumnal gourds in wisconsin,

what a glorious afternoon!
autumnal gourds in wisconsin, 10.14.2000

You know, if you wanted

You know, if you wanted to customize your categories in Newsblogger, you could. All you'd have to do is click the image that says, "customize."

Astute word-searcher and megnut reader

Astute word-searcher and megnut reader "super Atley" sends this proof-of-my-famousness photo! Thanks.

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