I thought I read someplace

I thought I read someplace that the word opsomania meant love of a specific food, but now that I've looked it up, it doesn't seem to exist. Perhaps I'm mis-remembering the word? Let's pretend that I'm not. Let's pretend that I'm right, and that is wrong. Good, now that that's settled, let me tell you about the opsomania that I possess for microwave popcorn.

Microwave popcorn is my comfort food. When I'm tired, feeling blue, feeling lazy, sick, or in need of a pick-me-up, I eat microwave popcorn. Not just any microwave popcorn, but Newman's Own Oldstyle Picture Show Popcorn® All Natural Flavor. (You should know the picture on the site doesn't look like the box I have sitting before me, I think Paul hasn't updated to reflect the new packaging for his popcorn products.) I don't just eat it as a snack, I eat it for dinner. The whole bag. Mmm...mmm...good. It fills me up, and I usually top it off with a glass of oj (Tropicana Pure Premium with calcium and extra vitamin C), and it makes a damn fine meal. I eat it about once a week, sometimes twice if I've got it around. One week when I was really feeling down, I had it three times for dinner. Why am I telling you this? I have no idea. Perhaps I am recommending that you have microwave popcorn for dinner as well. Especially if you want to be more like me.

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