Springtime means design time here

Springtime means design time here at Megnut, and accordingly I present A Very White Megnut for your viewing pleasure. This design should be working on PC/4+ browsers. I haven't had a chance to test it on a Mac yet, so any Mac feedback would be greatly appreciated. Any feedback at all would actually be greatly appreaciated. Also, any bug reports. I'm kinda tired, and I overwrote my javascript file, so chances are, a bunch of functions in the archives will break until I get back in there and fix them all. Apologies. Let me know if you stumble across any.

You may have noticed that I've added a nav to the 'nut. I've been meaning to add more content for ages but the old design didn't really "enable" that, as the consultants like to say, hence the new design. So I hope you like it. I like it, mostly because it's a change. And I'll be adding to it as the days grow longer and the BBQs fire up...

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