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I've been reviewing the resumes

I've been reviewing the resumes people have submitted for the assistant position we've got and a funny thing occurred to me. One person wrote, "I can do anything (except type 80 WPM)" and I thought, How odd. Have we reached the days when the executives can out-type the admins? Didn't it used to be the other way around? Evan and I both type really really fast. I don't know how fast, but considering I used to type almost 70 wpm in college, and now I'm way faster, I'd say I've got 80 covered easy.



Hee hee. Ben turns to

Hee hee. Ben turns to the dark side and starts a Blogger page and check out this fab ravey image!

I've been thinking more and

I've been thinking more and more about this long vs. short post thing in relation to my browsing/reading habits and I've concocted this overly-simple theory: If you're a boa constrictor type of reader, you like to go to a page, ingest a really big juicy post, and then let it be absorbed over the next week, until you return and feed on another. Boa constrictors like Ben. And maybe Ben is a boa constrictor? But I'm more of a hummingbird. I whiz around from site to site, constantly trying to suck up little droplets of nectar, and I return several times a day to nourish myself at the same sites. When I fly to sites where nothing is written for days on end, I get so sad, because I'm hungry, I want more sweet tasty droplets. Maybe I'm a greedy hummingbird? But I just can't read, then slither off to digest until another big chunk is placed before me, five or six days hence.

[Disclaimer: this post reinforces the idea that it's an either/or situation, and I think weblogging (or whatever you want to call it) is far too fuzzy for this to be true. But I liked the analogy, so I thought I'd share. But don't feel you have to email me with all kinds of critiques as if this were some well-reasoned argument or intellectual observation because it's not. It's goofy. And silly. And I like boa constrictors a lot.]

Can you say short-term memory?

Can you say short-term memory? I just went to metafilter (forgetting it's down today) even though I was chatting with Matt shortly before he left to drive the server here to our office. Can you say duh?

I'm burping garlic fries.

I'm burping garlic fries.

The Looney Test tells me

The Looney Test tells me this truth: "There are people whose actions often cause other people to think 'what a nut,' and you can probably be one of those people sometimes." (my score: a surprisingly low 72 out of 100)

"How could she date someone

"How could she date someone with a URL like that?"

I can barely type because

I can barely type because I'm laughing so damn much it's actually hurting my stomach and my face: I've finally followed Jason's advice and grabbed the William Shatner songs from Napster. I can barely breathe right now, I don't know why I'm trying to write about this at this moment, it's really too much...

It's all good. It really

It's all good. It really is. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

Why do people feel intent

Why do people feel intent to point out all the negatives in a situation? I had this little ball of hope that woke me up early in the morning with a smile on my face and it's being trampled and squashed and pounded flat into the grimy asphalt. I guess I've let someone tell me otherwise after all.

I seem to have turned

I seem to have turned into a bigger web geek than I ever thought possible!

Yippee! I'm so happy Hilary

Yippee! I'm so happy Hilary Swank won. And man, she's hot as a guy and as a girl!

A mind too active is

A mind too active is no mind at all - Theodore Roethke

I just added the permanent

I just added the permanent link but it doesn't work quite right for me, as you'll see if you click on any of the little "link"s. I've got some funky stuff going on with the way I display the archives so I'll have to do some custom stuff. But I guess this is start.

Oh, duh. It was an

Oh, duh. It was an easy fix. Now you can link to anything I've written (and I know you want to, don't you? Come on, fess up!)

Today at the Exploratorium is

Today at the Exploratorium is a Robot Sumo competition, Japan vs. USA. Two robots face off and try push the other out of the ring. I really wanted to go, but the middle of the day is a hard time to break free from work (I guess I could call it a "long-lunch"). It's supposed to be webcast, but I don't see it now for some reason. Oh sweet, there it is. Cool, now I'm going to stop writing and start watching. You should check it out too, how often do you get to see robots sumo wrestle anyway?

Lately I think I've been

Lately I think I've been suffering from an I/O overload. I used to look around at people on the train who didn't read, who just sat in their seats staring straight ahead, and I used to think, "What's wrong with them? How can they just sit there?" On the train, I needed input, I needed something coming straight into my brain in the form of a book or a magazine, or a conversation with another person. In my house, the stereo was on, I'd be on the computer or watching t.v. or reading a book. In in in it would all come. And out out out it would all go again, whisked away in the form of icqs and email, phone conversations and dinner dates.

My day consists of a series of inputs and outputs: reading, surfing, talking, emailing, icqing, thinking, inventing, dreaming; pulling from my inside and putting it out there, and grabbing what's out there and bringing it in. And lately it feels like I've maxed out my processing ability. I just sit on the train now and stare straight ahead. If I open my book, I realize minutes later that I haven't read a page. By the time I climb into bed at night, my super-saturated brain can do no more than command my eyes to close. I wonder if this is a product of our times? Or of my lifestyle? Or maybe just a lack of sleep?

The link that everyone else

The link that everyone else will make must be also be made by me, welcome to the team Derek! And pretty pretty pretty new site!

Jason's wearing his Blogger t-shirt

Jason's wearing his Blogger t-shirt at work today. We're going to start a gallery of people wearing their Blogger t's, so if you've got a shot from your webcam, or from your world travels, send it our way and we'll add you to it (and include your url if you want a link).

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