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WTO protests in Seattle

I have to say that I'm in absolute shock about what's going on in Seattle. While for the most part I'm in favor of the WTO, the fury of the protests and the wrath of the police seems incomprehensible. Can you imagine your neighborhood over-run by police in riot gear? And getting sprayed with pepper gas in front of your home? A "demonstration-free zone" has been declared in dowtown Seattle, and gas masks have been outlawed for anyone but police and the National Guard. Both sides, it seems, have forgotten the peaceably part in the right of the people peaceably to assemble. It's hard to believe this is America.

Fun coding work

Prototyping is fun, especially when you don't have to worry about the back-end or the design. It's (almost) like the HTML of yore. I actually used the <H3> tag today for the first time since 1995!

The fake 'unsubscribe'

ARGH!!!!!!!!! I'm so sick of unsubscribing from some stupid-ass spam and then continuing to receive emails. Never ever order anything from these people. I made the mistake of ordering some towels when I had friends coming into town. First, the towels arrived about three days after the guests departed, even though I placed the order on the web over a week before their arrival. Second, ever since then I've received monthly emails. Every time I've unsubscribed, only to receive another email a month later. What gives?!

Send me to Mars

I hope this little guy has better luck than his sister did in September. I know I've said it before, but I'll say it again: I really really really want to be on the first (wo)manned expedition to Mars!

One of those days

For a Friday, you'd think I'd be in a better mood.

Something sad



Megnut has a very busy social calendar this weekend, so don't look for updates. Oh who am I fooling? And why am I referring to myself in the third person? I don't really have that much to do, just tomorrow. I'm making pre-emptive excuses for feeling uninspired.

Where's our guy?

Still no news from the Lander. My theory? The Martians shot it down, and I bet they shot down the last one too, and I bet the only reason the Pathfinder succeded is because the Martians allowed it to, you know, so we'd think Mars was uninhabited and they could continue to plan in secret for their Earth attack. Sounds crazy, but you never know...

More Zen reading

I bought Branching Streams Flow in the Darkness by Shunryu Suzuki yesterday. It's a series of talks that Suzuki gave shortly before his death on the Sandokai, a poem by an eighth-century Zen master. Suzuki's other book, Zen Mind, Beginner's Mind, is one of my all-time favorites, so I'm really looking forward to reading this one.

Amazon needs to tweak their recommendations

Why is Amazon so dumb and pushy? On the same page as Branching Streams, their Auction and zShops sellers recommend a Suzuki Rear Spoiler. Hmmmm, I bought a book by a man named Suzuki, I think now I'll buy a spoiler for my car, which happens to be a Suzuki. How handy!


Woo hoo, Pats win, for a change, which means megnut...normally not a gambling type of gal...wins a bet with the fellow(s?) at LystWorthy! Prize? A cheesy Texas souvenir. I hope it says "Don't Mess with Texas" on it someplace...

pb is officially a geek

"I'm trying to download my separate conciousness into my 486, but it's slow going." - pb

Listening to Stevie

Do you have any albums that you listened to when you were little and that still totally kick butt? That's how Stevie Wonder's Songs In the Key of Life is for me. My mother or father must have purchased the double-album, that also came with a 45 inside, but I was the one that played it over and over and over. And I did the same thing last night, all these years later, while I cooked dinner.

Working from Sonoma

Pyra's hangin' in the North Bay today for some planning and strategizing, and we're listening to a song called Nutty Nut-meg Phantasy. I like the "meg" part of the song, but the's interesting.

Off to hear Tufte

I'm off today for a one-day class given by Edward Tufte entitled "Presenting Data and Information." I'm looking forward to it. His books have always fascinated me, and I've heard that he's an excellent speaker. I'll let you know how it goes.

Back from Tufte

Wow, I must be getting old, or something. I'm beat. I don't seem to have the classroom stamina I had back in my college days -- all that concentration and note taking has worn me out! I'm still trying to sort through it all. I'm not sure I agree with everything Tufte had to say. I'm not sure I can even stay awake to think right now.

But I did like this concept: Routinize Excellence.


So this is one of those email jokes that probably everyone's received but me, until now, but it made me laugh. So I thought I'd share: Experience California. Ha ha ha, except earthquakes scare me.

The safety of the space shuttle

We've never flown a shuttle over the new year, and this certainly isn't the year we're planning to break that tradition: Discovery is set to liftoff on December 16 and return December 26, which is a good thing, since Discovery has software that isn't Y2K compliant. Yikes, what if something goes wrong and they can't get back on time?

And what's the deal with everything being in "safe mode" nowadays? The Mars Lander, and the Hubble...even NASA must use Microsoft. <wink/>

When drinking wine, remember

"Always remember that good wine isn't just a beverage; it's also someone's art." - WSJ [subscription required]

This is a test. Only a test.

This is a test from Blogger 2.0. If you can see this, I'm using Blogger 2.0, which will be available for all y'all next Tuesday. Yippee, it's about time!

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