Including the same people

So I now that I'm in Boston, I've been reading the Boston Globe again, something I used to do every day when I lived here. There's something so satifying about holding the big oversized pieces of paper, of touching the news, that I miss in my online reading. And I find that I read more stories and catch up more on current events, than I do online. Which brings me to...

Politics. I've been rather aloof to date with the presidential campaigns, and the candidates. Oh, I know who's announced their intents to seek nominations and all that, but platforms and beliefs - those are things I could only guess at until this morning. Until I read this tasty piece on George W. Bush. Seems he's running a "campaign of inclusion" but he won't meet with a GOP gay group. The two-faced hypocrisy of it all astounds me. Tell the fucking truth for crissakes - your "inclusion" refers to people like you, George: white, Christian, heterosexual men and women.

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