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An obvious fact

megnut: leading cryptic weblog.

A true maternal conversation

Other moms: "When are you going to get married? I think it's about time you got married."

My mom: "When are you going to migrate to Sybase? I'm concerned about your scalability."

It's pie baking time

Big item on To-Do list today: Bake apple pie. I love to bake pies, my first job after college was as a pie baker on Cape Cod. Some people don't like baked fruit desserts.

Giving thanks

Giving Thanks:

For friends old and new

For the freedom to vote

For the web

For the opportunity to do really cool things
With really cool people

For my kitty

For potatoes, soy lattes, and Orange, Massachusetts

For four grandparents, five aunts, four uncles, nine cousins,
two parents, one brother

For today

For you

I guess I'm old

So yesterday I tried to get to the bottom of this Pokémon craze by going straight to the source: my little cousins. Ages 7 and 9, I asked them to explain what was so cool about Pokémon to me. They looked a little confused, and they showed me their cards, but they couldn't really explain what was so good about it. Oh well...I guess there's just some stuff that "adults" can't understand.

More thanks giving

Giving thanks inspired more thanks giving!

Nebraska scare

Jeez, are they trying to give me a heart attack or what?!

Busy megnut

Sorry for the lack of posts, an overwhelming weekend full of high school friends, a 10-year reunion, more Jack & Cokes than I can count, a Patriots loss, brunch with my grandparents, and an airplane flight of 3127.6 miles this morning has left me a little run-down. I wonder why?

Matt redesigns

Mthology has a new look. I like the way Matt lays out the date, a title and a post. It creates a nice context for his comments, and it's eminently more readable that his old layout. But I'm not sure about the funkified "Powered by Blogger" logo. Isn't that going to screw up our branding? ;)

Work drone silence

I think I had more to say while I was on vacation. Now my brain seems to be in work drone mode. Not a good place to have a brain.

What was that again?

Wow, you know it's been a good weekend when you go to your weblog and find you've posted something that you'd "forgotten" that you posted.

Guster getting big

Some friends of mine from college are really making it big: Guster gets a nice review in the Boston Globe! And to think, I saw them in the Tufts University Campus Center.

Go Tufts bands!

Speaking of college bands, Guster got me thinking about Papas Fritas. They played in the Campus Center with Guster back in the "old days." Their music was also on an episode of The Real World, but I don't remember which one. Rock On, Tufts bands!

Weblogs gaining popularity

Weblogs at the Cusp of Acceptance - Argh, all this glorification of weblogs is beginning to irritate me! Big deal, a columnist got a weblog. Why is this surprising? He's a WRITER! And acceptance? Acceptance by whom? Is that what we're all striving for? If Oprah does a show on weblogs, I'll freak out!

Sushi costumes

Halloween pix are up (with built-in commenting feature), for those of you that want to see how the sushi costumes came out. The first one is Ev as Rock-n-Roll, Kip as Tamago, and me as California Roll. That's crab and avocado on my head. (ok, so we don't really look that much like sushi, but next year we will, I promise...)

Too many thoughts at once

Oh this is one of those moments when so so many thoughts are swirling around in my brain and I've exacerbated it by drinking a double soy latte when I probably didn't need anything at all...the central freeway and urban planning, gentrification and my love for San Francisco, money and work, and dating and How to Get 30 Hours Out of a 24 Hour Day. Sometimes I just want to turn off my brain.

Salon on San Francisco

"The idea that the city is a mecca for artists mostly means that the person making your latte considers him or herself too cool to actually do it."

Not thinking about posting

Today is my "Day of Focus" so I'm not thinking about making posts to megnut today. Not one bit. No siree. Not thinking about megnut today. Not at all.

Tom is nice

"Megnut is a well constructed and clear weblog that I am contemplating completely ripping off." <blush>Thanks Tom!</blush>

As we say in Massachusetts

"Brown eggs are local eggs, and local eggs are fresh!"

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