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Nobody said it was easy to order movie tickets online

Argh! This is terribleI just tried to order movie tickets at moviefone. While I was waiting for my transaction to be approved, my connection with the server was *reset*. Then I searched all over the site, in vain, to find a help section. Nothing. There was no place on the site to find out what happened to my order. Talk about poor design! I finally called American Express to find out if the transaction went through.

Communicating with moviefone of course I sent an email to moviefone about what happened. Here's what I got back:

Sox beat the Yanks!

Yippeee RedSox!!!! Woo hoo!! 12 to 1. :)

Kozmo is kool

This is what I've been waiting for: rent a movie on the web, have it delivered to your door in less than an hour! [Available in most San Francisco neighborhoods.] What's cool is they also have books and food, all delivered in under an hour. Talk about instant gratification for the laziest of souls...

Ani inspires

Art is why I get up in the morning.

Ani tells it like it is

"You know like when you're just living in your own world and you're the only one who can fully appreciate yourself?" - Ani DiFranco

Boo Red Sox

No comment.

A non-rant

Rather than add to the ranting, I'll just point you to Ev's rant about Gazooba and just add one thought: if my already over-flowing inbox becomes inundated with emails from "friends" pointing me to myriad web sites, I'm going to be very very upset.

Drat that El Duque

Listening live from work - I hate El Duque!

Boo Sox

Some days I wish I weren't from Boston. Today is one of those days. Yesterday was also one.

Trying to follow the horror

ESPN's GameCast is a really cool way to watch baseball over the web. I wish they had it for football, but it doesn't look like it.

Two takes on the time capsule

"The International Time Capsule Society estimates that more than ten thousand people and institutions have buried time capsules. They must think that future archeologists will be grateful for the bounty of twentieth-century wristwatches, telephone books, decorative caps, CD-ROM's, and ampules of Budweiser beer." - Faster, by James Gleick. Related: Newly Unearthed Time Capsule Just Full of Useless Crap.

That's some true talking

As my old friend pb always says, "he's not the only oyster in the fryer!"

How about 48 hours is one day?

There's not enough time in one day, I've decided.

Keeping the private thoughts private

I've been observing and contemplating the ebb and flow of blog posting lately. Sometimes it seems nearly every thought leads to a post, other times, like now, days seem to pass and I find I have nothing to say. Maybe because I'm busy at work? Not likely, I'm always busy at work. Maybe because I've been in a bit of a funk lately? I think sometimes the thoughts the churn in my brain are external, public-type thoughts, and those are the thoughts that lead to posts. And right now, my thoughts just seem to be more private. I guess some thoughts are just for me.

Don't Ask Jeeves

pb and I both think that Jeeves is an idiot. He never answers anything correctly! And he looks so snooty. What a turn-off! Are we supposed to be impressed by the rich fancy-pants British overtones or think he went to Oxford or something? Ok, maybe I'm being a little silly. I feel silly right now.

He must be kidding

"There needs to be more rants on the internet" - pb

Feel free to send it in prefers visa. prefers cash.

Migration to Blogger complete!

Well, it's about time!!! Finally I can say with pride, "This site powered by Blogger!"

Time off is good time

Wow, a weekend without posting, and a mostly weekend without work. What a treat!

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